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Why You Need Your Web Design Done Locally

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Anyone can register a domain name and purchase a hosting package. The real magic happens when you have a custom designed website that you can display to the world. Most people are inexperienced and do not have the ability to create the type of website that will promote their product or services correctly compared to using The Web Handlers in Long Beach Web Design.


eb design, as the words suggest, is designing something appertaining to the internet, and in this case we mean a website. Therefore web design simply means building a website. A team of professionals are ready to help make your site accessible and to remain attractive to all visitors. A business or individual uses a website as a virtual extension of their company, service, or product. Professionals know how to put together these elements to achieve success and know what to avoid to make a website memorable and easy to access.


he early days of the Internet included websites that did not make use of images and designs effectively. Fast forward to this decade and the elements of design and programming have been upgraded to produce effective Internet marketing devices that are used around the world. The designers of today are more experienced and knowledgeable about current and soon to be released technologies.


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  • The competition on the Internet requires skill and patience when promoting a business or service to the world. The Web Handlers staff  designers in Long Beach are experienced and trained to create a visual experience for site visitors and help to create a digital home for any company or individual. Users give attention to attractive websites.
  • Modern web design companies like The Web Handlers in Long Beach have relationships with well known website hosting companies to offer special packages to clients. This creates a total package deal for a brand new website and a permanent home to provide hosting twenty-four hours a day. This makes it easy for customers or clients to find your website and gather information or make contact.
  • Online video is now one of the most popular activities that are performed on the Internet. Millions of people watch online videos and presentations each day. A modern business or individual that is creating a new website can embrace this technology when working with a professional website creation company. Website visitors demand high quality presentations and streaming video and these can easily be implemented into your site.
  • Many people are choosing The Web Handlers in Long Beach Web Design to help create their online presence. The high quality and professional team of computer programmers work hard to provide the latest technologies that make a website popular. Customer service and commitment are priorities and every client deserves a trusted Internet partner to maintain their website.
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8 Web Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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There are eight key mistakes many small businesses make that The Web Handlers Long Beach Web Design team has pointed out. These mistakes can limit the kind of attention they get for their website. Even the best products cannot overcome some of the problems these website mistakes create for the owners.

Long Beach Web Design

1Lack of Planning:

Every web entrepreneur has a million and one ideas, but if they do not set forth a specific plan for their website design the site will fail. There needs to be a clear trajectory for the site, otherwise it will fail.

2Unnecessary Complexity:

The old adage “Keep it Simple” is important to keep in mind. If a user is confused by the site they will not want to stay on the site and buy whatever is being sold or read whatever is being written. Keep the site simple: Content; Images; Products; Links.

3Design Contradiction:

If the site is trying to sell children’s products, the advertisements should probably not be showcasing scantily clad young people frolicking on the beach. Keeping the designs interesting at the same time as relevant to the product is important in website design.

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4Lack of Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization brings traffic to websites and without proper SEO no one is going to see the site in question. A site with proper SEO on keywords which are not highly sought after will have the upper hand when others start building sites to the same end.

5Lack of Interaction:

People want to comment. People want to buy. A strong website allows their visitors to leave comments, rate and review different aspects of the site (blog entries, images, products, etc). If people do not feel like they are important to the site’s creators they will move on.

6Long Pages:

In this day and age, people have short attention spans. If they have to scroll more than about 500 words worth of text they will give up and move on to something more immediate. The website design (text and images) has to catch the attention of the reader immediately and not let it go.

7Click Maze:

Users do not want their website experience to be a series of clicks to reach what they want. Website users want to get directly where they want to go and be there as fast as possible. If they want a product they do not want to click through eight pages of content to reach it.

8Typographical Errors or Justification Errors:

When writing in English, make sure the site has no typos. This is important, if people see typos they will immediately think the site is not professional and click away. For other language translations cultural sensitivity is necessary.


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The Web Handlers Long Beach Web Design team of website designers, developers, and SEO consultants helping businesses to climb the ladder of success while realizing the real power of the web. As a professional web and graphic design that is Long Beach-based Company, The Web Handlers have remarkably completed many web projects across the map, and strives on to make web design and graphic design services affordable for all.

Having extensive years of industry experience and classic work has earned us the title of ‘best web design and graphic design Services Company in Long Beach’ from our worldwide clients. We are not just extremely great with our website designs but also work effortlessly towards empowering organizations and businesses on the web. Backed by values like innovative thoughts, customized services, personalized attention, surpassing client expectations, and affordable pricing, The Web Handlers Marketing consultants believe in serving all their clients with a holistic approach.

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