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Six Great Key Points To Consider When Telling The Story of Your Brand

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Six Great Key Points To Consider When Telling The Story of Your Brand

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Wikipedia defines storytelling as a  social and cultural activity of sharing stories, often with improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and instilling morals. It’s a deep rooted idea that unites individuals and keeps them locked in.

When it comes to creating, developing or expanding a business, storytelling is a powerful technique for relating with your target audience or niches. It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re based or how much funding your startup has. Great stories give big voices to small businesses and start-ups. That’s why it’s mission-critical that companies take the time upfront to fully develop their approaches to how they wish to narrate the story that will sell their product.

This article is intended for any business on a path to connect more with its target audience. It will paint out six great key points to consider when telling the story of your  brand  the right way. When you implement these key points in your storytelling, you will very easily develop your very own authentic brand story. Over time, you will attract a much bigger niche targeted, engaged audience who buys into your story.

Telling The Story of Your Brand

Telling The Story of Your Brand

Let’s dig in…., shall we?

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Authentic storytelling is key to creating a successful lifestyle brand

Showing off is a survival skill.  It is not easy not to brag. We are all prideful and want to be recognized if we are better than the person next door. Stop bragging and start relating to your audience. Authenticity is what will keep your customers coming back for more. If you are authentic at telling your story, you are guaranteed to keep on keeping on for a long time.


Stories are the best way to distinguish yourself from the other brands in your industry

Spark the emotional side of your audience’s brain and get your readers engaged through the senses. If you want to be differentiated in your market, relate to your market audience through their senses. If this is executed well, anytime your audience comes across your product or service, you are guaranteed that they will remember and associate.


The reason why your company came to be and what drives you and your team

Your audience needs to be part of your journey. A new reader/visitor  associating with your story is the fastest way to landing a sale. Some may be drawn to the story of the small business that started from a garage and some may want to associate with you and your team based on what keeps the wheels turning at your company. Let your audience get in touch with your mission and why you do what you do.

Telling The Story of Your Brand


Attach your product to solving a problem in society

My mentor always told me, “Go out there and find a problem in society, find a solution for the said problem and the money will come.” When you are solving a problem in society people will always respond very well to your product or service. Let this be reflected in your story.


A transparent view into the people behind the company

We are living in an internet era where people can quickly find your credibility online without too much sniffing around. Authenticity and transparency will never come back and bite you in the rear but the opposite will. When telling your company’s story, let your audience in on the people behind the company. Especially the key decision makers. It becomes a personal association and right there you stand out.


How and where are you making your products?

Customers, especially return customers want the complete details of the product or service  they happen to use regularly.  From vegetarians,  animal lovers to fair labor groups, you want to establish where you align yourself and let the audience decide. Also some people just like shopping locally. Pointing out that your products are manufactured locally might favor you in a local market.  


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