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Increase traffic and visibility on your website with our personalized SEO services. Enhance your site reputation and get found on search engines way above your competitor. From extensive word research to competitive analysis. Our SEO services will have your website ranking.

The Best Website Isn’t Any Good, If Nobody Can Find It.

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Our Approach to Search Engine Optimization.

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In today’s technological times, any organic traffic that lands on your website is a direct product of Search Engine Optimization. May it be key word research, search engine submission, social media marketing or your link building process, for your site to acquire an operable organic traffic, Search Engine Optimization is a MUST do.

Websites are being penalized daily by search engines like Google for any black hat optimization. When optimizing your site it is key to practice nothing but White Hat SEO.  White Hat SEO is in line with Google algorithmic rules and ethics.

Our business thrives at optimizing our client’s websites. We work on both internal and external aspects of a complete web presence management strategy. The end goal is to make sure your website ends up on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing and so forth.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process.

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At The Web Handlers we dedicate great efforts to learn about our client’s business, website, and competitors in order to provide clear documentation to be used throughout all other stages of the project. Each project is milestone driven and we always meet deadlines in a timely fashion.

At the Discovery & Audit Phase we focus on:

  • Keyword Research: With all our clients, we start by eliminating the doubt and confusion that revolves the SEO industry. Starting with a thorough keyword research, we kick off the process with perfect keywords and semantic content, that search engines just love, and in turn we make you visible to the largest audience available, which in turn provides you with the largest number of customers and potential sales, increasing your bottom line.
  • In Depth Analysis: We will provide an in depth analysis of your website and identify any issues that may be preventing you from reaching the first page of search engines. We will check all of the local search directories to determine if your business is listed and optimized in all of them. By optimizing your website for relevant search terms, we will lock onto the many potential customers who are searching for your product or service, delivering those customers straight to your doorstep.
  • Competitive Analysis and Complete SEO Audit: From a in depth competitive analysis, we are able to know what your competition is doing to stay ahead of the curve. We then create a baseline for current website SEO performance based on analytics and onsite & offsite factors. This is the benchmark of where we initiate our SEO process.
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Both On-Site & Off-Site Optimization is the core backbone behind a well optimized site that makes google happy.  To reinforce the prominence and ratings of internet sites, The Web Handlers offer good effective on-page and off-page SEO services. From Meta Tags, Page Titling, Alt Attributes, Page Speed to SEO content copy writing, we  Understand the wants of modern business house owners and knowing the importance of the amount of visits for websites these days enables us to enhance your site reputation and get found on search engines way above your competitor.

At the Discovery & Audit Phase we focus on:

  • Optimization Strategy: After discovery and auditing, we document and actionable plan to introduce changes to the website code and content to optimize it for search engines, we make sure that the every web page abides by the search engine logarithms, and and pages are not being  penalized for compliance failure.  Our off page strategy involves directory listings in a uniform manner accross all directories in the industry, and we also determine potential partners and influencers to target for link-building and PR efforts that align with the approach and timeline of the project.
  • Content Strategy: We create a schedule of content to be created for the website, outreach campaigns, press releases, and social media. Every content is optimized and promoting major keywords that the website need to rank for. We don’t stop there, we initiate a measurement Planning strategy to determine the effect of the said content. We document measurable short-term and long-term goals to evaluate campaign performance.
  • Conversion and Maintainance Startegy: As a top Search Engine Optimization company in Long Beach, our Search Engine Optimization team aims to secure improved SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings for our clients, while also keeping their bottom line a top priority. Our objective is to not only maximize ROI through SEO but to also provide clear insights and strategies on how other digital marketing channels can influence our client’s online presence.
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From the initial SEO audit, including competitive review and keyword research with both on page and off page optimization, the end goal is to track the progress and keep improving until the website is ranking for all the desired keywords. Our monthly analysis and media outreach takes place to identify opportunities for expanding audience reach, helping visitors find your site, and improving overall user relevancy.

At the Discovery & Audit Phase we focus on:

  • Monthly Performance Report: At the beginning of every month an SEO strategist will review your SEO strategy, your efforts and current ranking. This will also set pace for any new keywords the client might want to target. A game plan is created to maintain the ongoing trend of ranking and also introduce new opportunities that might help the clients website perform better.

Whats included in our Comprehensive Monthly SEO Report.

  • Keyword Research Reports.
  • Competition Analysis Reports.
  • Website Audit Report.
  • Increases/Impact on search traffic.
  • Link building reports.
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