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Effective blog marketing! Key to successful online marketing.

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Blog marketing refers to all the processes that publicize or advertise a website, brand, business or service via blogs. The word blog is a blend of the term “web log”. It is a type of website that has the following characteristics:

– It is usually maintained by one person with regular entries
– The entries are directed to specific subjects that illustrate the concerns of the person or the business owning the website
– The newest entries appear first on the page; entries are arranged chronologically
– Readers are allowed to post comments below the articles
– Use of direct, subjective and less formal communication
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Blog marketing includes marketing through ads that are placed on blogs, promotion through entries on third-party blogs, recommendations by the blogger and cross-syndication of content across many blogs. As the number of Internet users increases every other day, so does the number of people with personal blogs. This way, blog marketing plays a very big role in marketing strategies of organizations. Promotions done via the Word Wide Web and advertising through blogs are essential in the attraction of potential clients’ interests. Some blogs are used to advertise certain products. Comments on such blogs could be feedback from customers about the services and products provided by a firm. This feedback greatly helps firms to achieve customer satisfaction.
Blog marketing has two faces. When we talk about the association between marketing and blogs, we must mention two complementary aspects, namely:

  • The role of blogs in the marketing of a company’s products and services. The blog is a marketing tool kept by a company, organization or an individual for the presentation of the products and services of the company.
  • The role of marketing in promotion of blogs. Here, the blog is viewed as a product that needs to be promoted through certain marketing tools.
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Ablog is as good as how it is marketed. Marketing it makes sure it will be viewed by many people. Below are ways in which blog marketing can be done:

1. Through the use of social media: Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Google+ and other social media are bloggers’ best friends. It is a fast method that greatly helps to bring traffic to the site. Some blogs may grow manifold with effective marketing on social media.
2. Search engine optimization: This involves having a concrete SEO strategy and choosing right keywords. This ensures that your blog gets a lot of traffic, which is beneficial.
3. Press releases and newsletters can make a blog successful. If a blog features in a popular newsletter, for example, it receives unmatched credibility.
4. Personalization is one of the best ways to market your blog to your audience. A blog that offers a personal touch connects better with readers. After knowing what they want, just deliver it through a blog.
5. Branding of a blog determines the fate of the blog. Building a brand for your website is therefore a critical step towards the success of the blogger.
6. Integrity of the content and the blogger is an efficient marketing tool. It is helpful to avoid indulgence in any kind of attacks against individuals and other organizations.
7. Writing deep content is of great value to readers. There are many sources of information but readers prefer reading comprehensive pieces that provide all that they wanted. This way, the blog gets more traffic from the search engines. When writing blog entries, write as much relevant information about the topic of discussion as possible, getting to the very root of the topic.
8. Repurpose the content into infographic, video or presentation to keep it “alive”. Content may die when left after being posted. You can also contribute it to other relevant sites to drive traffic and link equity to your original content. This will ensure that it is evergreen and it is easy to keep it up.
9. Influencer marketing: Getting much traction for new bloggers in new sites is difficult. You can recourse under influencers by developing a loyal relationship that helps to spread your name and work. It is important to capture your email address in the blog for this purpose.
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